Thrice Announces Indefinite Hiatus

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Dustin Kensrue of Thrice announced via the band's website yesterday that after 13 years of playing together, the Irvine-based experimental post-hardcore outfit have decided to take an indefinite hiatus following their upcoming tour.

In his announcement, the Thrice frontman cited issues with being away from his family for the long durations that touring demands, saying that, "I have three little girls now under the age of 5 [...] The way we've been doing things for a while is simply not sustainable for me anymore."

The hiatus thus does not appear to be the result of any malice between band members; rather, it seems to simply be an issue of timing. While Kensrue, lead guitarist Teppei Teranishi and the brothers Breckenridge were described as "low-key, family-oriented guys" in our feature about the band earlier this year, Kensrue and Teranishi's familial duties seem to have gotten the better of them.

Kensrue's statement was one of thanks and humility; lauding the extreme dedication of Thrice's fans, he also stated that, "I don't know what the future looks like for Thrice, or for any of us individually." That said, the band was clear in not showing any signs of permanent separation. "Thrice is not breaking up," Kensrue's announcement says, "If nothing has broken us up by now, I doubt anything ever could."

Whatever the future holds for the four of them, it'll be interesting to see what new developments come out of this news. Kensrue said he's sure this won't mark the end of his career in music, and it's doubtful that the Teranishi or the Breckenridge brothers will either.

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Peace Vegan
Peace Vegan

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