Lupe Fiasco's 'Friend of the People' Mixtape Drops Tomorrow!

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco is in a giving mood again. Last Christmas, he gifted fans with the premiere of the music video for the first single "The Show Goes On" off of his chart topping Lasers album. This time around, Fiasco is releasing his Friend of the People mixtape tomorrow on Thanksgiving.

The hip-hop wordsmith has given his followers a taste of what's to come with "Lightwork." On the song, Fiasco rhymes one continuous verse over a Bassnectar remix of Ellie Goulding's "Lights." He throws in his classic double-meaning lines like "touch more souls than a dance floor" before going on to mention how his super lyrics are thought provoking, "Funny how I'm only sick if you never catch a thing / Argue with your friends over what really the record means / Back and forth about its course / with professors refereeing."

Friend of the People was original scheduled to be released on Christmas day 2009 as Lasers laid in limbo, but Fiasco's activism was the cause for cancellation. Now the rapper's fifth mixtape will serve to whet the appetite for fans as they anticipate the release of his next studio album Food & Liquor II. Whether or not the new mixtape will have songs that never made it through the contentious process that came to define Lasers remains to be seen.

Keep it posted on Thanksgiving tomorrow on the musician's website or follow him on Twitter to find that out as well as when and where to get the goods. Anytime there's new music from Lupe Fiasco, that's something to be thankful for.

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loved lasers in & out listen ta da message in every song... da ma is a lyrical beast

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

I liked the original intent of Lasers. 'I'm Beamin'' will always be the lead single for me in spirit. Dope lyrics, different sound. Too bad Atlantic had to meddle.

Let's see what we get from the new mixtape. I don't mind a conscious rapper flipping "radio friendly" beats. If Lupe comes at it from that tip, it could work. Throw in that Rick Ross beat jack for kicks!


I hope he goes back to Food and Liquor style , i didnt really like lasers that much, mostly sounded like a pop album ,


I hope he stars going back to old lupe like food & liquor.....and the cool......lasers was Kk but it felt like a pop mainstream album...yes I bought it just like the cool....go back to telling real stories

RicochildNew Iberia , La

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