Jacuzzi Boys and Jacuzzi Gals Talk About Vagina-Laden 'Glazin' Video

A (censored) screen shot from the homemade "Glazin'" video by the Jacuzzi Gals
The homemade fan video for Jacuzzi Boys' song "Glazin'" blew our minds when it came out last week, what with its vajazzly arts-and-crafts disguises on vaginas singing as aliens, Santa Claus, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Homer Simpson.  (Watch the uncensored version here.) 

We asked the Miami-based indie pop band for a reaction. Bassist Danny Gonzalez says they've never met the actors in the video ("I'm not sure I'd want to though, I like the mystery"), and that no, they're not doing a counterpart vid ("with a bunch of dicks you mean? No way, nobody wants to see that....") he did send me the email address for the creators, also known as the Jacuzzi Gals.

We emailed them, and the students ("some of us want to be lawyers") who wish to remain anonymous replied with the interview you can read after the jump.

OC Weekly: What inspired this you to start dressing up vaginas and turning them into characters in music videos?

Jacuzzi Gals: Well we love the Jacuzzi Boys! We saw them at Churchills, a dirty little bar in the scarey part of Miami (all the Haitians going "woo woo" trying to tell us where to park our cars) that one of our friends dragged us to and we were instant fans! Soooo fun! The vagina idea came from Karen's crazy brain. She did it when she was younger with Joey Fatone's face when she was 13ish. Her mom walked in on her and totes flipppppped out, she had like glued a little goatee and fake frosted hair down there. But we were all into adapting her failed Joey
Fatone idea into a fan vid for the best band, Jacuzzi Boys.

Why did you choose to make videos of songs by the Jacuzzi Boys?

They are awesome and so cute. We thought it would be sooo funny and [get] the band a ton of hits and maybe we could meet the Jacuzzi Boys since they might be impressed.

Did wearing the costumes/glue/makeup hurt?

Everybody thinks we are some like S&M group. It didn't hurt at all. It's costume makeup stuff called latex. We bought it at Party City. It's for making fake scabs and stuff. The latex smells so farty but it does not hurt at all. When Chelsea did the vajazzle vagina, she loved it so much she wanted to keep it on all day.

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Jimmy Garcia
Jimmy Garcia

Are you kidding me?? This video was done by two film makers from Miami paid by the band not by some stupid fans!! Lilledeshan, YOU should know that! Why pretend they exist?! Do you like the band that much to risk your credibility as a writer? This interview gives it away!

PS: I still don't understand why the band had to lie about this. The video is pretty awesome, it didn't need the "Jacuzzi Gals" fake story.


this video rulez! VJAYJAY TIME!

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