Google Music Store Rivaling iTunes Expected to Be Unveiled This Afternoon

Google is expected to today unveil a new online music store featuring songs from three of the world's four biggest music companies, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal claims Google will announce its download store is open at a press conference in LA this afternoon. The Google Music store is expected to challenge Apple's dominant iTunes, further escalating the rivalry between the two companies.

Three major music companies--Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment, Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group, and EMI Music--are expected to have deals in place to allow Google to sell their music in the new online store. Google is also rumored to have the additional support of several independent music labels.

The Google Music store will reportedly sell songs for $1 apiece and allow users who buy tracks to have the option of sharing one or two free listens with their contacts on Google+.

The press event, which multiple sources claim will feature performances by Maroon 5 and Drake, kicks off at 2 p.m. Watch Google's live stream at

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