Dischord to Launch Massive Fugazi Concert Archive Dec. 1, Now Running in Beta Form

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Fugazi fanatics, Christmas has come early this year. On Dec. 1, Dischord will launch the Fugazi Live Series, a monstrous, years-in-the-making archive of 800 Fugazi shows recorded -- often with high quality gear, by the band's sound engineers -- between 1987 and 2003.

Each show will be available to preview for free, with a pay-what-you-want fee to download. (Though there is a suggested price of five dollars.) There will also be an "all access" option for those who wish to download the entire concert database.

Each concert will have its own page, which will contain information about the show, photographs, flyers, and more. Dischord will have 130 downloadable shows available for the archive launch. (They say it'll be 101 new shows plus 29 of the shows released on the now out-of-print Fugazi Live CD series.)

The site is currently up and running in beta form, but is only visible to Dischord account-holders. More details to be announced on the Dischord website.

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