Dave Attell Talks Filthy and Dirty Porn (Bush Optional)

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Dave Attell has been spreading his funny for years and has become somewhat of a cult classic comic to his loyal fans. From roles in Pootie Tang, Crank Yankers, and Tough Crowd to starring in his own show Insomniac, Dave Attell's career has gone from taking off to taking the EFF off. With his new show, Dave's Old Porn on Showtime, heating up cable, we feel lucky that this incredibly twisted and entertaining comedian is coming to Irvine tonight.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): First off regarding The Anti-Social Network Tour, how could you have just grazed over Orange County like that?

Dave Attell: We did only a certain of number of dates and because all of the guys on the tour, there was some scheduling problems. But we definitely wanted to come here. It really had to do with time scheduling problems so I apologize for that. We're doing it again. Me, Jim Norton, Doug Stanhope, and Artie Lang. That should be another fun journey and a filthy tour.

Yeah but, I would like that fun and filthy journey to include Orange County!

Hey Ali, get another thousand friends who are cool like you and we'll do it! Since you're a fan of comedy, I'm gonna let you in on some great news: I'm out here more than anybody and I love the crowds out here so I'm with you. We gotta make it happen.

Pretty please! How is it touring with such a funny crowd?

The guys are a lot of fun. Norton makes me look like a choir boy. Doug is probably one of the dirtiest, smartest, filthiest guys out there. He's the guy that I wish I was. Then there's Artie Lang where people don't know he does great comedy other than the radio stuff and we're lucky to have him.

Enough rubbing it in. I just saw your new show, Dave's Old Porn, and it begs the question: Into porn much?

Ali, I've got some other great news for you. If you like filthy and dirty, you're gonna love filthy, dirty, retro porn. You're a young woman. You probably didn't know there was a time when you could smoke inside, there was no Internet and shaving was optional. Matter of fact, I think shaving was illegal on your box! You probably can't imagine but, everyone was pale. They were fucking wasted and nobody thought it was bad.

Umm yeah, from what I saw the bushes on the top and bottom were out of control.

Yeah, there was definitely no styling gel back then. There was no style, anything goes! It was so raw and retro you could almost smell it.

So far I've loved the guests, how is it watching porn with females?

The cool thing about watching porn with chicks is that it never happens. The other cool thing about watching with Whitney Cummings, who is hot and super sexy, and Chelsea Handler who is like the ultimate party girl who's great, funny, and hilarious is that, women like porn a little differently than guys do. Hearing their take on it is so cool.

Namedrop some upcoming guests....

Jim Norton was on it, Adam Corolla, Daniel Tosh, Belladonna. Nina Hartley and Bill Burr were on and we watched a movie called, The Ultimate Lover. It's kind of a Frankenstein of sex. It's a Si-Fi kind of thing with Nina Hartley and Tracey Adams playing sexy scientists who build the ultimate lover, Eric Edwards. We sit with Nina and go scene by scene. I guess that's another great thing about the show. It's not just ragging on the films, it's getting to talk to the people who made them and paying tribute to them. You know, celebrating them and their work. There's a lot names I'm throwing out at you....

It's all good. How exactly did you pitch the show to Showtime?

Good question. I came up with the idea with Stewart who's a producer. I pitched it to one network and they liked it but they couldn't use it because it was too "porn-y" for them. Then we took it to Showtime and they said, "We love it and we want to do a show like this." Hopefully everyone will like it. So far everyone is digging it and it makes me feel good because I've been working on it for years and years.

Are you grateful that porn has evolved over the years or do you enjoy old porn better?

You know, like everybody else I like old porn but I never really watched it in the way we get to watch it for the show. I realized I was missing all of these hidden treasures with impropriate dialogue, really over the top acting, and highly over-produced films. It's very cool, but I love today's stuff too.

What are your feelings on bush making a comeback? I'm not talking the band by the way...

[Laughs.] One of the Bushes will. Billy Bush. No, I personally like it high and tight. Every person has their style.

Well one was particularly huge and the woman with the horse...oh my god. Is that legal?

That's a good question. We checked with the layers and because it was in the film and it's not a bestiality movie, it's fine. I will say that when I first saw it I was jerking off with my dog and we both enjoyed it. [Laughs.]

Wow, noted. You called me a "young lady" earlier which I love because I'm not at all. I used to watch Insomniac back in the day and was wondering, did that show turn you into a boozer?

I was an alcoholic before I started the show.

So do you still drink or did it scar you for life?

No I don't drink anymore because one of my kidneys came down and was shooting blood all of the time. But enough about me. There are a lot of drinking shows out there and I would say it's the best of both worlds. I'm glad people loved that show but I'm kinda way too old and it'd be looking way to sad now. I'm not a good actor so that's the kind of stuff I do, unscripted.

Speaking of acting, if they really do make an Arrested Development movie, will you have a cameo in it?

I'm sure I'm very low on that list. They have like, a million great actors that would want to be in that movie. When is that movie coming out? I would want to see that!

Apologies, I have no clue. I just read it all over the internet.

I hope they do make that because that was one of the greatest shows. Of the like, five acting things I've done, that was my favorite.

And I loved seeing you in it. Not to change the subject but, how scared should the people of Irvine be?

I'm glad to be working in Irvine. It's a great room. I'll be working there with Yoshi who not only does great filthy comedy, he also worked in the porn industry on the production side so there's a porn feel thing going on there.

I feel like I've seen Yoshi before. Is he like, really Asian...accent and all?

Yeah. Hey easy there, racist! [Laughs.] OK yeah, he's really Asian and really dirty. It's gonna be great.

You can catch Dave's Old Porn Thursdays on Showtime or go to the website to get some sneak peeks. You can also follow the show on Twitter @Oldp0rn as well as Dave @Attell. Get your tickets now to see him at the Irvine Improv this Friday through Sunday at www.improv.com or call (949) 854-5455. The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Dr., Irvine.

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