Amanda Palmer Wraps Tour of Seven Occupy Sites, Teams Up With Boston Filmmaker To Create Occupy Homage Film

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After visiting Occupy sites in L.A., Oakland, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Boston and New York, Amanda Palmer has teamed up with Boston filmmaker and friend Michael Gill to create a video montage of images from the Occupy movement, backed with Palmer's ukulele version of Leon Rosselson's 1975 song about the Diggers movement called "The World Turned Upside Down."

"It's actually the Billy Bragg version that I knew," says Palmer. "That song hit me to the core when I first heard it and it's a perfect song to share at Occupy. People have been singing along at the tops of their lungs. With lyrics like 'This earth was made a common treasury for everyone to share,' you kind of couldn't pick a more perfect song to speak to the movement."

She recorded the track at Boston's Mad Oak studios after playing to enthusiastic crowds at Occupy Boston and Occupy Wall Street.

Watch Palmer's Occupy tribute below:

Fans can download the recently released ukulele anthem with artwork by Shepard Fairey for free or by voluntary donation via

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