Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Steve Merritt and Moby Sing Rocky Horror

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Amanda Palmer, while annoying, is probably the luckiest chick in the world. She's dating sci-fi/fantasy author Neil Gaiman, for one. She's friends with Moby and Stephen Merritt from the Magnetic Fields, for another. And if she wants to, she can get her Dresden Dolls schtick on whenever she wants to perform songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the said famous friends. Except they're not doing it at karaoke, they're performing on Craig Ferguson's show. Watch it after the jump.

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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer aredamaged Scientologist workaholics who have been paired together to make money.Gaiman has a long history of paying Scientology six figures and Amanda Palmer'smother is a Mockett, and the Mockett family trust is listed in Scientologyorganizations. The cult arranges contractual partnerships.

Gaiman and Palmer are desperatenarcissists, trying to get power from their association, but their deludedScientology philosophy lacks any empathy or self awareness, so this articlereads like a goofy overshare about an obscure band most people have never heardof.

After failing dismally with her ownattempts to make a record, Amanda Palmer is trying to resurrect her associationwith the dolls, who were at best, a novelty act. Whatever.

Palmer is not just untalented andincapable of writing a descent song or hitting a note, she seems to be bipolaror mentally impaired. After a series of bizarre marketing moves that range fromsexting naked pictures of herself and making racist remarks involving the KKK,she mocked the disabled with her idiotic co-joined twins project, dressing upwith Webley as disabled people.

What Gaiman is really good at isglad-handing his way into the spotlight. He seems to have no standards, jumpingfrom comics to sprawling, badly plotted novels and short stories that read likehe threw them into the back of the drawer in high school, followed bychildren's books along with mutilation death **** with Palmer as the subject.Gaiman even defended Palmer's idiotic KKK remark on Twitter. Gaiman and Palmer aren't interesting,just a desperate joke.


Dude, she's not dating Neil Gaiman, she's married to him.

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