UCI's Student Services Want to Spend $170,000 to Bring Swedish DJ to UCI

UCI's Student Services want to host a huge, paid admission concert at the UC Irvine Bren Events Center with the artists Avicii, Steve Aoki, and Dev, but they're requesting the use of the association's emergency funds to foot the bill. Some students are complaining about spending $170,000 for the event, which includes a booking fee for Swedish DJ Avicii.

Avicii's appearance, a 22-year-old Swedish DJ who became famous off his 2010 single "Seek Bromance," has polarized students, some of whom say  the price tag is too hefty without a 100 percent guarantee that the student's association will profit. Students who are Avicii fans, on the other hand, claim that UC Irvine is "in dire need of something like this," and have put up a "Bring Avicii to UC Irvine Page." If it happens, tickets for the concert will cost $30 to $40.

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Weigh the risk reward factor... The Bren center can hold up to 5500 people so  you would need to charge a min of 31 bucks per ticket to cover the entertainment.  I don't know what the overhead costs are to operate the venue but call it 30K just to work with round numbers. and thats a 200k nut you have to cover.  at an avg of  36.5 a ticket. and you still haven't turned a profit... 


And this is technically coming from student fees already, so even if they break even they're really charging students extra fees for what should be a free concert. Hire a local DJ for $10,000 and make a change in the local area as opposed to hiring some over-priced mega-rich already-famous DJ...

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