[UPDATED: New Unofficial Statement From Go Ventures] Where the Hell Is Monster Massive Going to Be Held?

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Monster Massive 2008

UPDATE: Go Ventures posted an update on Monster Massive's Facebook page around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. This is not the official statement Gerami promised would be released Tuesday on the rave's official website. They repeat their assurance that Monster Massive will happen at Oak Canyon Park yet offer and apologize to customers for censoring their comments on Monster Massive's Facebook page. 

Go Ventures apologizes to all of our Monster Massive supporters and patrons for not meeting the timeframe for providing an update on Oak Canyon Park. We realize that this creates more uncertainty for everyone but we are working night and day to clear up the situation. Monster Massive will be at Oak Canyon Park and we will release more information shortly. We apologize for deleting some comments but we have read them all and will address the issues with facts, not rumors or hear-say. We have worked for nearly 14 years building the Monster Massive brand and over a year planning this show. We do not plan on letting down any of our customers, production staff, artists, employees or supporters.

UPDATE 10/11/11 19:49:53: Gerami answered our call this evening around 7 p.m. PST. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements made in the previous update to this article. He questioned the validity of our source with an ad hominem argument against the former employee he assumes is our source.

We spoke for approximately one minute. After we encouraged him to finally tell his side of the story, the call was terminated and he ignored several of our calls after.

Gerami told us yesterday that a statement would be released to confirm that Monster Massive will be held at Oak Canyon Ranch, after a meeting with James Events owner Garry James. Gerami said they were to sort this out today and James Events' denial was due to a "miscommunication." As of 7:50 PST, no such announcement has been made. We stand by, eagerly waiting

We've reached out to Armin van Buuren's team for comment and are awaiting a reply.

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Oak Canyon Ranch

5305 Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado, CA

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