[UPDATED: With Correct Set List and a Note from the Galaxy] Crystal Castles at the Galaxy Theater Last Night


Update, Oct. 28, 2011, 12:20 p.m.:
Correct set-list is posted below. Also, here's a note from Galaxy Theatre about the state of the speakers: "Crystal Castles played on a brand new $600,000 L-Acoustics Line Array last night. They sound the way they sound because that is how their sound guy mixes them and that is how the band wants to sound. Not because "the speakers are blown."
Original post, Oct. 27, 2011, 9:30 a.m.:
Crystal Castles 
October 26th 2011 
The Galaxy Theater 
As I walked into the Galaxy, it smelled as if I was walking into a 24-Hour Fitness. The entire building had a stench that meant one thing: lots of dancing. Walking into the main room, it was clear that most attendees had been there for a while because everyone was very loud, drunk and impatient for Crystal Castles to take the stage. As soon as Alice Glass, Ethan Kath and their live drummer took the stage, the crowed literally went insane. Before the Canadian natives started into the first song the crowd was already so loud, Glass let out a laugh before getting her groove on to the song "Intimate" off the album Crystal Castles, released in 2010. 

Although it was no fault of Crystal Castles, the first few songs of the set were a little rough. The Galaxy's speakers sounded as if they were going to blow up because of how much synth and bass the electro-pop band uses. As the set continued, the man in the sound booth adjusted the volume making the music much more enjoyable and less blown out. 

And it was just in time: he fixed the sound in time for the best song of the set. As soon as the electro-punks began playing their hit song "Crimewave," the goth-pixie frontwoman flung herself into the crowd, repeatedly allowing her adoring fans to furiously grope her. And she's obviously used to it; when it comes to performing while standing on the shoulders of the masses, Glass has no competition. The abuse goes both ways--Glass takes away as easily as she gives, wrestling herself away from the sweaty crowd repeatedly and dusting them off like dirt on her shoulders. Although she looked as if she was going to get swallowed up by the crowd who clawed at each other for the chance to lay a finger on her, she got herself out of the crowd rather easily with the help of security. 

Having similar energy to Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman Karen O, Glass' stage presence was perfect for creating the ultimate dance party. Everyone in the room, including a few of the bartenders, were dancing and having a great time. 

Crystal Castles unique electronic sound mixed with the rocker vocals of Alice Glass made for a very entertaining show. Although only playing for about an hour, the short set packed a punch. Between Glass' stage dives, and the blinding light show, it was difficult not to get hypnotized by all the action on stage. As far as the Galaxy goes better speakers, ventilation and air fresheners might be a good idea for next time! 

The Crowd: Lots of drunk, sweaty and smelly hipsters 

Author's Bias: I don't like it when concert venues turn into saunas. 

Over heard in the crowd: "Listen! I have to pee really bad, so stay here and I'll be right back. Don't be a shitty boyfriend and leave me this time!" 

Random Notebook Dump: Upon arriving to the Galaxy I watched someone get thrown out of the venue due to bad (drunk) behavior, and then try to buy tickets to get back in. After getting denied, he sat on the grass out side and began to cry. Poor guy! 

Set List:


"Yes No"



"Black Panther"



"Air War"


"Courtship Dating"

"Alice Practice"

"Not In Love"

"Doe Deer"

"Untrust Us"

"I Am Made Of Chalk"

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Anyone know the name of the first band that went on?


Crystal Castles is expanding their fan base beyond the hipster crowd. There were all sorts of people there, especially Latinos.


Anyways, people should expect this kind of show from Crystal Castles. If you plan on getting up front I strongly recommend bringing an extra dry shirt & lots of stamina. It's fun getting up there dancing, & getting all sweaty but it's demanding on the body. The part of it being a sauna was especially true for me being that I was in the pit. I felt nothing but absolute heat all over my body the whole time. My shirt was soaking wet but luckily I had a hoodie with me. If you are not comfortable being squished & pushed in a crowd, if you are claustrophobic, if you do not like sweat, if you get tired easily, this show is not for you. Crystal Castles shows are not for the faint of heart. I cannot emphasize that enough.

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