[UPDATE: Today's the Day!] Celebrate Steve Jobs Day on Oct. 14, 2011

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UPDATE: Today is Steve Jobs Day. If you're paying tribute to the man who made "Think different" a way of life, post your photo/tribute on the  Heard Mentality Facebook Page or Tweet it at us at @ocweeklymusic!

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 7, 2011, 9 A.M.: As people all over the world mourn the loss of the visionary Steve Jobs, tributes are popping up everywhere. Not all of them are respectful, but here's one you can get with: participate in Steve Jobs Day on Oct. 14, 2011--in real life, Facebook, Twitter and on the website stevejobsday2011.com.
According to the site, you can wear a black turtleneck (or "go full Steve and wear blue jeans and tennis shoes")  and post it on your social-media sites. You can talk about how Jobs and his work at Apple have affected your life, mention your favorite Apple products and tell everyone why you love his work.

As always, be sure to use the hashtag #stevejobsday--so you can keep tabs of everyone else in the Interwebs celebrating the man who put i before everything.

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Ximena Marquez
Ximena Marquez

Thanks for this sharing, I will be there.Just answer about what he affects my life. I dont know how it could sound:  My boyfriend bought and Ipad last year and the next week I bought mine. We work very hard in hong Kong, and almost have no time for us, but thanks ipad apps, ipad games (I love you angry birds!), we could get in touch more often and can solve more situations just to continue doing aour stuffs qith the ipad.We laught a lot, had fun and now we have only thanks words to him!Steve: you will be always on our mind


Ridiculous. So much devotion to a salesman of overpriced gadgets.

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