'I Want to Hold Your (Dead) Hand'--10 Best Songs About Necrophilia

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Sex, drugs and violence are fodder for all kinds of music, but there's a special class of artist that can wax poetic about the idea of corpse-fucking. From the Misfits to Tyler, the Creator, here are popular imagination's best musical translations of the ultra-taboo act.

10. The Misfits - "Last Caress"


If it weren't the Misfits, the lyrics "Well I got something to say/ I raped your mother today/ And it doesnt matter much to me/ As long as she spread" would be totally creepy. But because it's surrounded by the fuzz of three simple punk chords and a totally singable hook, it's forgivable and pretty awesome.

9. Slayer - "Necrophiliac"


Frontman Tom Araya always introduces this song live by saying: "How many of you out there love older woman?" It's understandable: when singing about "the growing need/ To fuck this sinful corpse" you need to have a sense of humor.

8. Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Night Shift"

The song is based on the crimes of Peter Sutcliffe, better known as the "Yorkshire Ripper," who was convicted of murdering 13 women between 1975 and 1980. The creeping tones definitely make it the first song on a Halloween party playlist.

7. Alice Cooper - "I Love the Dead"

Cooper actually has more than a couple of songs about necrophilia, including "Blue Turk," "Refrigerator Heaven" and "Cold Ethyl." It's good to remember that before Cooper became a running gag for comedians, he was a serious creator of hackle-raising music.

6. T.S.O.L - "Code Blue"

Love how OC Weekly coverboy and T.S.O.L. vocalist Jack Grisham sings in this song that he wants to fuck the dead over girls at school, "with their morals and their rules." He yells in the chorus, "I like it better if she smells of formaldehyde!"

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