WonderCon 2012 to be Held in Anaheim: Yup, it's Confirmed

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Remember the whole brouhaha about WonderCon moving/not moving to Anaheim a few months ago that caused so much controversy on this blog?

Well, it's confirmed.

In a press release sent out today, WonderCon officials announced that the 2012 show will be held in Anaheim on March 16-18. San Francisco's Moscone Center, where the long-running comics and popular arts convention had traditionally been held, will undergo renovations in early 2012, leaving the 25-year-old show in the position of either being canceled or finding a new venue.

ReedPop's C2E2 is now looking for alternative dates, while Wizard World just announced that it will postpone its April 2012 Anaheim show.

The rest of the press release follows:

"It certainly was not our wish to move," commented David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for the nonprofit event. "However, when faced with the prospect of canceling the show for a year or moving locations, after careful consideration we decided to keep WonderCon on the 2012 calendar at a venue that could accommodate our needs."

"We fully understand the challenges of trying to secure dates at any venue, let alone one undergoing renovation," said Lance Fensterman, Group Vice President of ReedPop. "In an effort to minimize the impact on exhibitors and attendees we are currently looking to shift C2E2 from our traditional March dates."

Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard World offered a unique solution to offset any potential conflict for fans and exhibitors: "All of us who produce conventions know securing dates can often be a frustrating experience especially when you find yourself having to move to a new city." Shamus continued, "Because of their long history, Wizard World has decided to accommodate WonderCon and postpone our April 2012 Anaheim show."

"We appreciate the efforts of Lance and Gareb for going above and beyond in making the WonderCon transition more manageable," said Glanzer.

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Wonder-Con sure as hell better be back in San Francisco by 2013 or I will purposely avoid Comic Con in San Diego as a punishment and promote many other Bay Area and Central Valley Comic/Anime Fans to do so as well.

I think the Organizer's of Sac-Con and Sac-Anime should take advantage of this situation and promote their Convention with an intent to quickly build them up so take over San Francisco's "lost market". I can't imagine that Comic Con International won't prove to be "Dog In The Manger's" torwards their throwing away of the Bay Area Market.


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