Walk the Dog with the Silent Comedy: Send Pics of You + Doggie and WIN Newcastle Swag!

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Here are a few things you need to know about the inaugural "Walk the Dog Day" event on Saturday hosted by OC Weekly and Newcastle Brown Ale.

1. DRINK ALL THE BEER YOU CAN: Newcastle Brown Ale (affectionately called the "Dog" in the UK because "walking the dog" is a British drinking excuse) will be served in unlimited amounts.

2. FOR FREE: It is a free event (with a required minimum $1 donation to benefit the Los Angeles Art Association (www.laaa.org), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities, resources, and services for emerging Los Angeles artists of all media).

3. ON SATURDAY: It happens on Saturday, Sept. 24, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2nd Floor (126 Main St., Huntington Beach).

4. WHILE LISTENING TO THE SILENT COMEDY. Awesome band, of course.

5. BY EMAILING US: How do you get invited to Walk the Dog Day? Simple. Get on the mailing list by emailing walkthedogday@gmail.com and cross your fingers that your name gets selected. 

We are also giving away Newcastle barstools and coolers! (Yes, they are very cool. People at work have already been fighting over them.)

If you want one, post the best photo you have of you and or friends "walking the dog," on our Facebook page! Best entry for the day gets the swag. (If you want to impress us further, put some kind of caption on the photo in white font (meme generator style: http://bit.ly/otQ6Bi).

Good luck and happy dog walking!

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