Three Reasons the Michael Jackson Trial App Feels So Wrong

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So yes, there is such as thing as a Michael Jackson Doctor Trial App, a mini "media center for the iPhone and iPad and Android devices." Released by Fox Television Stations, the app includes live video of the trial proceedings, recorded local news segments, photo galleries and biographies of those involved.

The iPhone version ($0.99) is currently the No. 1 for-pay news apps, and No. 75 on the list of the hottest selling for-pay apps.

Yesterday the exhibit showed video of Jackson's last-ever rehearsal June 24, 2010, the day before he died. The 50-year-old singer sang "EarthSong" at the Staples Center. The live video feed is provided by Los Angeles' KTTV Fox 11.

Users can also go through photo galleries and biographies of the key players. 

"What you can do now is carry the courtroom with you," Jose Rios, vice president of digital news operations for Fox Television Stations, told TVNewsCheck. Rios, a former KTTV news director, was tapped to oversee app development for the 27 Fox O&Os earlier this year.

While various news websites are also featuring live video of the trial, the idea that you can be plugged in from anywhere--even the bathroom--is a little off-putting. (Especially since the video is inconsistent, depending on your Internet connection or wireless network.) 

Here are top three reasons the app's existence feels so wrong:

1. It's an app dedicated to feeding our morbid curiousity: Yeah, we get it, he was one of the greatest celebrities of all time and Michael Jackson's death was untimely. But to create something that focuses solely on bringing audiences real time news in the courtroom is really similar to the rubbernecking that happens after a car accident happens on the freeway. Everyone slows down to watch it but can't really do anything about it (except slow down traffic for everyone else). It doesn't help.

2. It's cashing in on someone else's misfortune. FOX TV is making money off this best-selling app, obviously. Doesn't that make you feel icky?
3. It's pretty addictive. And even whle being aware of the last two reasons, it's pretty fascinating to hear tapes of Michael Jackson's voice, or watch him practice. And yes, when you don't want to miss a thing, you can take it to the bathroom with you.

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Sharon Austin
Sharon Austin

I live in England and I have this app, after trying to watch it on TV and yes they still get those ads in, so I found that annoying the other choice in the UK was CNN via my laptop why would I go to all the bother of taking it out the safe, waiting for it to fire up when I can see the exact same thing on my phone in seconds, as to why I watched it, yes I'm a great Michael Jackson fan and was devestated by his death, I wanted to know why and things came out in the court case I did not

Sharon Austin
Sharon Austin

Not enough room, also as a fan you get such negative and hostility from other ppl, and I have found if you are informed you can out across your opinion much more articulate I have read all the documents if the previous trial, the auotopsy not for some morbid gratification but to answer the ppl who still believe the rubbish that has been printed about Michael you can't fight your case if you are ignorant of the facts, I don't blindly believe all I read in the press with their inevitable slant they put in it, once again not morbid or stupid but informed


I agree with you Linda, but as you know, anything connected to Michael Jackson is always based on ratings and money.  He was and is never treated or seen as a human being deserving of any kind of dignity. This is just one of the reason's why he is not with us today.  He was hounded and pressured daily because of who he was and what he achieved.  I am glad that you recognize this and you took the time to write about it.  Our society keep sinking further and further in a techonological stupor.  We are tuned in 24/7.  It is not good, especially not for our children who now have cell phones as babies! I wish that you were reporting on this trial other than some of the trash journalists that are.  Thanks for this article.


Sorry, Ms. Bose! I made a mistake when I called you Linda!  Please forgive me.

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