Mountains Help Kick Off Another Year of Acrobatics Everyday at UC Irvine

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Mountains, hi!
Okay, so to be fair, this isn't quite the first show that the fine souls at Acrobatics Everyday have put on this academic year: They hosted a free-to-all-new-freshmen gig last Thursday headlined by French Quarter. But with tomorrow's appearance by Mountains at UC Irvine, along with Ponytail's Ken Seeno and LA DJ/sound artist Matthewdavid, things fully start up for the booking organization that made UC Irvine a destination for up-and-coming underground acts.

Mountains themselves are continuing the run of releases on Thrill Jockey that have brought them to wider attention in recent years. The Brooklyn (yeah, we know, but hear us out) act play around with the kind of exploratory drone noise that in past decades seemed to only be the province of performers featured on shows like Music From the Hearts of Space or talked about in Ptolemaic Terrascope. But times change, cycles turn, things like Minimal Wave get celebrated and all of a sudden the use of effects pedals and keyboard gear from the mid-'70s and becomes not merely viable but reinvigorated, as Mountains' latest album Air Museum shows.

Combined with Seeno's return to UC Irvine--Ponytail played a couple of still-talked-about shows at UCI over the past few years--and Matthewdavid's own enjoyable take on mix-and-match sonics, it should be a good night out to get a sampling of what's up. Not to mention that, as always, entry is only $5, all ages and open to everyone. Keep an eye on the Acrobatics Everyday site for more information about the show, as well for news about the latest edition of the Open Melody festival, due to run from Nov. 18-20 on campus as well.

Mountains, Seeno and Matthewdavid
UCI Cross-Cultural Center
Tues., Sept. 27
8 p.m.; $5

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