Kreayshawn Books Galaxy Concert Theatre for Dec. 30 Show

Love her or hate her (and we've done both, believe us), there's an undeniable curiousity here at OC Weekly about what white-chick rapper Kreayshawn is really like live.

Looks like we're finally going to find out: Galaxy Concert Theatre just announced it has booked Kreayshawn for a Dec. 30 performance. (Buy tickets here.)

It's a ways away, and her 15 minutes of fame might be way over by then, but if not?
We'll be there, probably rooting for V-Nasty, if this review by our sister paper LA Weekly is to be believed.

And if she sucks? It will (maybe) still be entertaining. She might also be closer to finishing her debut album and have more than six songs to perform live.

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i love kreay,keep it movn, f da haters kreay

gucci gucci louie louie fendi fendi prada!damn that sh!t's catchy


I'd be more interested if she booked the spearmint rhino! 

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