DJDC Wants to Break the World Record for the Longest DJ Set Ever at Yost

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Doug Neill/OC Weekly
DJDC at last year's Pacific Festival OC, when he tried to break the record the first time
Austrian DJDC is planning to break the Guinness World Record for the longest club DJ set ever again. The current world record DJ set stands with DJ King at 120 hours and 19 minutes; DJDC (born Rene Brunner) performed a 121-hour set at Costa Mesa's Sutra Lounge last year, at Pacific Festival OC, but apparently that time wasn't recorded by Guinness and therefore doesn't count as the official world record. (Bet DJDC thought that was a waste of Red Bulls!)

At Yost Theater, DC plans to reset the world title and perform for over 150 hours with only a five-minute break per hour set. He'd already set marathon performance records of 76 hours and 93 hours before his world record was beat by his rival DJ King at 120 hours and 19 minutes. Now DJDC wants to outplay all competition by over 30 hours!  The world record DJ set attempt will begin at Yost's upstairs Skybox on October 2 at 7:30 p.m. The venue will remain open every day and evening (except for 2-6 a.m.) through October 8. The record-breaking attempt can be seen live at

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