A Groupon for Far East Movement's International Secret Agents Festival

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When we talked to Far East Movement about their upcoming sophomore album, their new tricked out Cadillac and ISA in Long Beach's Queen Mary, we didn't think tickets for the event were still onsale. We'd heard it sold out, but we were wrong, because today's Groupon is offering tickets to the event for $25, half the price of the actual ticket.
The annual show is one that Kev Nish says was inspired by "this new generation of Internet-savvy youth. They YouTube, they blog, they download music. They're globally minded--a young Caucasian in Oklahoma can watch a Korean pop star online. As globally-minded artists, we wanted to cater to them. "

So from YouTube stars such as David Choi to Sean Kingston and B.o.B., plus filmmakers and dance crews, it should be a killer event; check out the Groupon here.

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