Tiger Army's Octoberflame IV is Coming, with Swingin' Utters, Steller Corpses, Reckless Ones to Open

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In our story previewing his appearance at the OC Fair last month, Nick 13, psychobilly trio Tiger Army's frontman, was hesitant to say whether they were going to push through with their annual Octoberflame (their fourth, and also their 15th anniversary) due to the demands of recording a new album and touring.

Now we know that they're playing two shows on Oct. 28 and 29 at the City National Grove in Anaheim, with Swingin' Utters and Minneapolis rockabilly act Reckless Ones to open on October 28; Santa Cruz punk & roll band Steller Corpses will open the day after. Fans, commence rejoicing!
Frontman Nick 13 says the event happens every year in Anaheim because "Southern California in general has been our home for many years at this point, but there has always been a particular understanding of what we do in Orange County."

"The parallel evolution of early punk alongside roots music in Southern California as evidenced by artists such as X, The Blasters and so on meant that people here needed no catching up to understand music that draws from both, even before the psychobilly subculture out of Europe had been established on these shores. Underground music, tattoo and car culture are alive and well in Orange County like no other place."

Tickets for Octoberflame IV are on sale now.

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