The Static Jacks Play Free Show at US Open of Surfing After Party

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There's free music everywhere at the US Open of Surfing--not only are MGMT and Jimmy Eat World performing at the main stage, but there's also after parties galore. "Buck Up Chuck," hosted by Converse and Fearless Records, will be held at the Black Bull Chop House (300 PCH, Suite 112, Huntington Beach) on Aug. 6. The Static Jacks and Beast Makes Bomb will perform at 8 p.m. (admission is free until 10 p.m!).

. It's a chance for you to hear the New Jersey natives' debut album If You're Young, out on August 30.

The Static Jacks are playing another free LA show with Active Child at The Echo in on August 8 if you can't make the US Open of Surfing--but why would you miss it?

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