Ten Album Covers Improved by Cats

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Laila Derakhshanian
We listen to a lot of music here at Heard Mentality. Sometimes, that music is accompanied by art that you can actually observe for hours. And sometimes, that art is not so desirable, or aesthetically pleasing (ahem, Prince--even if you did "produce, arrange, compose, and perform" all your songs). So we decided to improve these album covers by photoshopping the cutest things in the world on them. Enjoy!

Laila Derakhshanian
No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom can now be called Tragikitty Kingdom!

Laila Derakhshanian
Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry album cover is now rightly carnivorous, but still cute.

Laila Derakhshanian
2 Live Crew did say they wanted some pussy.

Laila Derakhshanian
Lady Gaga, we knew you were just joshin' when you presented us this album cover without a cute cat on it. Now it's all better--we fixed it for you!

Laila Derakhshanian

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