Art and Video Games Collide: Highlights from the Super iam8bit Art Gallery

iam8bit Mario Painting.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
Currently on display on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles is the annual iam8bit art gallery-- an exhibit that combines works from local artists and love for '80s video game culture. The show was recently renamed to Super iam8bit, since this year's exhibit is bigger than those of previous tears and they've expanded the show space in a brand new venue. With over 200 works of art on display by over 100 artists, there's plenty to take in here.

After the jump are highlights from the exhibit.

iam8bit Line.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
A line that was two blocks long...just to get INTO the exhibit.
By 8 P.M. of the opening day, the place was packed to the brim with people from all walks of life. Consisting of gaming geeks to the urban art hipsters, a line that extended for two blocks formed outside of the exhibit just to get into the place.

iam8bit Crowded Interior.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
Once inside however, is a crowded exhibit venue that is filled with just about everything-- alcohol, colorful art displays, a red Koopa shell roaming around the show floor, a giant projection of someone playing Galaga, and even a working 6-foot tall, 200 pound Atari 2600 controller designed by artist Jason Torchinsky. The opening night also featured music from DJ R-Rated, musician Leeni and lyricist A Rival.

iam8bit Galaga Crowd.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
Dozens of people gather around this projection of some dude playing Galaga

iam8bit Burning Koopas.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
Mario terrorizing those poor, poor Koopas

iam8bit old dudes.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
iam8bit wall.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
Walls filled with colorful art displays from over 100 local artists
iam8bit mega man awesome.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
iam8bit figures.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
iam8bit blocky thing.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
iam8bit 3d zelda items.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
3D recreations of Zelda items
iam8bit Taxidermy Para Koopa.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly

Ugh! Talk about creepy! Artist Darick Maasen constructed this "realistic" looking version of the para-Koopa by piecing together parts from various dead animals. As beautiful as it is, you can't help but be a little creeped out.
iam8bit work in progress.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
A work in progress

Ever wondered how some of the artwork in iam8bit is made? Some of the displays in the gallery were being worked right in front of spectators who were curious enough to watch artwork come to life.

iam8bit mario hanging out.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly

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