Top Five Videos of Animals Enjoying Music

There's a reason YouTube is filled with videos of cats fake-playing the piano, dogs singing and snakes's because they're cute. Really cute. And nothing puts a smile on your face faster than a beluga whale enjoying a mariachi band or a dog dancing the merengue, right? (Say yes, you cold hearted bastard.) Anyway, the best five vids of animals enjoying music after the jump...and if you have better ones, post them in the comments!

Musical Stimulus: Mariachi
Cute Overload Moment: When the beluga presses his forehead against the glass, presumably for a closer...listen.

Musical Stimulus: Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"
Cute Overload Moment: He glides through the ice on his flippers! And he bows with his hands clasped in the end!

Musical Stimulus: A merengue song
Cute Overload Moment: Do you see how Carrie the dog is smiling and wagging her tail the whole time? Love it!

Musical Stimulus: Stevie Nick's "Edge of Seventeen"
Cute Overload Moment: Snowball the cockatoo's head crest bobs to the music as well, and he seems to really, really be enjoying Stevie Nicks!

Musical Stimulus: Classical music
Cute Overload Moment: There's a minute and 22 seconds of them in here.

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