Nintendo's 3DS Ambassador Program: Everything You Need to Know

Were you one of the "unlucky" 3.6 million people who bought the Nintendo 3DS before the system price drop on August 12? Well, as you may have heard, Nintendo is offering 20 free games as a "thank you"--or perhaps an apology?--for being one of the early adopters of their latest handheld. Called the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program, those who qualify are able to download their free games starting September 1.

However, many things regarding this program are a bit confusing and not so user-friendly. How do you know if you qualify? How do you download the games? What games are free? The following is a quick guide to simplify things for you.

Do I Qualify for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program?

3DS image.jpg
In order to qualify to be a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador, all you need to do is:

  • Own a Nintendo 3DS system
  • Use a wireless broadband internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before 11:59pm Eastern August 11, 2011.
That's it! Once you own the system and connect to the 3DS eShop before August 12, you will be automatically registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program.

Is There a Way to Check Whether I Qualify or Not?

There are a few ways to check to see whether or not you qualify:

  • Go HERE. It's the Nintendo 3DS ambassador program eligibility page. All you have to do is enter in your 3DS' serial number located under the system, and it'll tell you whether you're in or not.
  • You should receive a notification on your 3DS system stating that you qualify. It looks something like this:

3DS Ambassador Notification.JPG

  • Call Nintendo and harass them. Their number is 1 (800) 255-3700. But seriously, try to figure it out first before calling them. It's not that hard!

What Games are Available With This Program?

3DS Ambassador Program Games.jpg

You get 20 free games, but only 15 of them have been announced so far. There will be 10 NES games and Game Boy Advance games.

The following are the free NES games, which will be available on September 1:
  •     Super Mario Bros.™
  •     Donkey Kong Jr.™
  •     Balloon Fight™
  •     Ice Climber™
  •     The Legend of Zelda™
  •     Metroid™
  •     NES Open Tournament Golf
  •     Wrecking Crew
  •     Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
  •     Yoshi

The following are five out of the 10 free announced GBA games. They will be available later this year:
  •     Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
  •     Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  •     Metroid Fusion
  •     WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
  •     Mario vs. Donkey Kong

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