Garageland, a Joe Strummer Tribute, at 2nd Floor Last Night

Taylor Hamby
Duane Peters' Joe Strummer-inspired art.
Aug 3, 2011
2nd Floor

Directly above the mayhem from the U.S. Open of Surfing on Main Street in Huntington Beach, a celebration of three other cultures gathered: punk rock, art and skateboarding. "Garageland" was a tribute to Joe Strummer, the iconic frontman of the Clash, and a benefit for the charity inspired by him, Strummerville. The charity supports aspiring musicians to realize their musical endeavors. Punk musicians and skaters alike joined together to contribute their art, music and money to generate attention for the cause. It was held at 2nd Floor, a restaurant and art gallery located literally on the second floor of Main Street, decorated with a tattoo and punk aesthetic in mind. 

Joey Briggs of The Briggs and Eban Sterling of Stagger and Fall played acoustic sets and donated to the cause. Some of the contributing artists included Duane Peters, frontman for the US Bombs and skater, and pro skaters Jason Jessee, Lance Mountain and Jason Adams (Adams helped put on the event with his Iron Fist clothing line). Matt Hensley (ex-Flogging Molly and pro skater) was scheduled to show his art and play accordion with Briggs, but wasn't able to make it due to touring constraints.

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Taylor Hamby
Joey Briggs, singer of the Briggs, gave fans a sneak peek of a good portion of his new solo album. The album, The Traveling Salesman, Pariah, Me is set to drop September. It has the same lyrical bite as many of the Briggs' songs, but it's paired with a folk-punk acoustic strumming instead of the melodic punk the Briggs are known for. He gave an honest and enthusiastic performance. 

Duane Peters Mescaleros
Taylor Hamby

Duane Peters had several pieces dedicated to the Clash and Strummer. The one shown above referenced a lesser-known Strummer band, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. The spiral was on the cover of their album Streetcore. Peters' son Clash is around six or seven years old, and he contributed his own art to the showing (below). It was an imitation his Dad's painting (above). Click here to read our 2010 interview with Peters.

Taylor Hamby

Taylor Hamby

Jason Adams, pro skater out of San Jose, decorated several decks bearing Strummer's likeness. He partnered with Lyle Wessel to create the promo poster for Garageland. The poster was signed by several of the artists featured and sold at the event for $20. All proceeds went to Strummerville. 

Taylor Hamby
Chuck Adame's contribution was a strong, vibrant and eye-catching image of Strummer. Adame is the promotional and art director for KROQ.

Taylor Hamby
Lyle Wessels was a co-artist on the promotional poster with Jason Adams. This picture's relation to Strummer was lost on this reporter, but the intrigue and beauty of it was not.

Taylor Hamby
Lance Cyril Mountain, son of pro skater Lance Mountain, recreated several of Strummer's iconic shirts that often featured spray-painted stencils, tears and arm bands. According to the event's marketing manager, Chad Romiti, Mountain was lucky enough to see the Clash and meet Strummer twice as a teenager. Lance Cyril's father also had his paintings and photography displayed. The photo below depicts his original photos of Strummer and Jay Adams.

Taylor Hamby
Joe Strummer (left) and Jay Adams (right).
Critic's Bias: I love 2nd Floor and can pretty much get behind anything they do.

The Crowd: 2nd Floor was packed from wall to wall and there was often a line to get in. The gallery had several of the artists featured including Master of Disaster himself, Duane Peters, sporting a large lime green blazer and signature flipped up baseball cap.

Overheard in the Crowd: Dude in his fifties: "I take pictures of buds because I grow weed and we like to take pictures of it."

Random Notebook Dump: This guy dropped a few dollars worth of donations to Stagger and Fall's Eban Sterling. He came back and threw down a twenty. A few minutes later he took out a hundred. As he walked away he told me, "I've had way too much to drink." 

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