Kelly Thomas Memorial Concert and Food Drive Set For September 17

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Marisa Gerber
A concert and food drive in honor of Fullerton police brutality victim Kelly Thomas is set for Sept. 17 at the Fullerton Museum Plaza on 125 E. Wilshire Ave.

OC punk rockers Sederra are organizing and headlining the concert. In a statement on the Facebook invite page, the band describes the purpose of the event:

This canned food drive and memorial concert, being held in Mr. Thomas' honor is intended to raise community awareness of the homelessness in Fullerton while helping out those people who are in desperate need of such assistance. Our hearts go out to the Thomas family, if you would like to help please repost this event on your Facebook page and visit
The band added more details of the event will follow later this week.

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Fullerton Museum

301 N. Pomona Ave., Fullerton, CA

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Will Lit be playing?

John Gordon
John Gordon

one thing not noted here is that Sederra rocks! Tom is a great front-man.

Marlena Carrillo
Marlena Carrillo

Thank You for helping the Kelly, Thomas family and the people of Fullerton. We need the world to know we can make a change.


And a lying Junkie

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