Every Nerdy Reference in Goldfish's "We Come Together" Music Video

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Clearly inspired by classic gaming, artist Mike Scott animated the music video for the South African band Goldfish's song, "We Come Together." The video is saturated from beginning to end with video game and nerdy pop-culture references, and it's difficult to find a frame of animation that doesn't have some kind of homage to video games of the past. Some of these references are as clear as day, while some can only be appreciated by the most hardcore of gaming fans. Checking each and every frame of this video, we dissected every single possible video game reference within this music video. (Also: Watch the original video after the jump.)

  • The name "Goldfish" appears on the screen appears in a similar way as the "SEGA" logo. They even have a similar font!
  • "Copyright Fishytendo" at the bottom of the title screen is a play off of "Copyright Nintendo."
  • The character on the right side of the screen dresses like Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros series
Goldfish 003.JPG
  • These cat-like creatures resemble Storm Troopers from Star Wars.
Goldfish 004.JPG
  • Goldfish's Dom Peters and David Poole catch a ride on what looks like a bike from Excitebike.
Goldfish 005.JPG
  • This underwater creature resembles Bub (or is it Bob?) from Bubble Bobble.
Goldfish 006.JPG
  • Peters, Poole, and the Goldfish get launched with a slingshot by a giant finger. Angry Birds, anyone?
Goldfish 007.JPG
  • Poole is seen wearing a helmet with two balloon attached to it, just like from Balloon Fight.
  • A purple Cheep-Cheep from the Super Mario Bros series appears in the background.
Goldfish 008.JPG

  • When the band sneaks past the Storm-Trooper cats, the building resembles the game Elevator Action.
Goldfish 009.JPG
  • The band members have to jump over an alligator-infested pond in a similar way to the game Pitfall.
Goldfish 010.JPG
  • The trio jump around on isometric blocks, just like Q*bert.
Goldfish 011.JPG
  • Peter, Poole, and the Goldfish all appear on screen in a similar style as the "all-out attack" from Persona 3 and 4.
Goldfish 012.JPG
  • Achievement Unlocked! If you pause the video precisely at the 0:58 mark, you'll see this Easter Egg. Why would anyone pause this video frame by frame, anyway?
Goldfish 013.JPG

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The ''Metal Gear Reference'' is also a reference to The Orange Box.


When the sonic/goldfish ball is rolling I thought it looked like the ball from Metroid.


"A giant Pac-Man chases away an Angy Bird"


Mike Scott
Mike Scott

Ha ha ha ha ha. This article is awesome. Nice one Peter! As per the comments, though, you missed a bunch but a cool read!


you missed tons of stuff at the bar scene like a picture of a Super Mario Bros. level or a Day of the Tentacle reference in the background (also a few in the background after that scene like Max from Sam&Max - SP means Steve Purcell, the creator, and space invaders on the outside of the club) - one of the screenshots in the article even shows a cut off "all your bass are belong to us" which is a clever music/fish reference to this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...

Also the phrase "ludicrous gibs" along with the raining body parts is an obvious reference to the early days of quake and unreal.

there's also a Ninja Turtle appearing in the corner of the screen towards the end of the clip, not to mention the fact that the whole final level is meant to resemble DOOM - complete with logo and BFG.

Also stuff like "Pew Pew" and "Keep Going" written in the background during the sonic scenes, and many many additional musical references throughout.

If you're going to call this article "every nerdy reference" I intend to hold you to your word ;)

Tulio P
Tulio P

Forgot the N64 lookalike Logo during the bar scene.

Spirit of Nicopol
Spirit of Nicopol

Right, you forget Tintin, "The Orange box" from Valve, and Hello Kitty HAVE it's own game.Also  @ 1:49, Tintin with rabbit teeth and a strange shape beside him.Otherwise, it's a good post  :)


you missed when the princess is captured and the goldfish flexes. i believe that's a battletoads reference. they used to do that all the time in the video games when it was "go time."


also, the box they hide in is called 'the orange'...like 'the orange box' containing half-life 2, portal and team fortress 2


Missed Finn from Adventure time and Tin Tin when the club was exploding.

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