Frances Bean Cobain: More Amaaaaaazing Photos as Glamour Girl

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Rocky Schenck

Remember Frances Bean Cobain's photos by designer/photographer Hedi Slimane? Everyone's jaws dropped when they witnessed how grown up Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's now-almost-19-year-old has become. Today, MTV released LA photographer Rocky Schenck's photos of Cobain, in vintage outfits she chose herself. 

Frances Bean Cobain

Cobain apparently handpicked Schenck, who is known for doing lush, vintage-inspired portraits of rock icons such as The Cramps and Joni Mitchell.

Frances Bean Cobain


Frances Bean Cobain

Check out more photos here. Apparently she turns 19 this Thursday; happy birthday Frances Bean!

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She looks so glamorous. I wish nothing but the best for Frances and a life full of joy, peace and happiness.

JD Hudson
JD Hudson

I gainfully respect this young lady. These photos are amazing to say the least and are a wonderful reminder for me of an icon of rock that I personally love and to see his offspring so beautiful and graceful leaves me at a loss for words. Thanx Franicis. . .


Wow.  She looks so much like her daddy.  Time seems to have passed so quickly from when we read about her as Kurt's little girl.

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