Five Things You Didn't Know About 'Ladies Love Me,' Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's Mixtape Collaboration

So you can now download Chris Brown's 21-song mixtape Boy in Detention (here), which not only features Swizz Beatz, Kevin McCall, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, but also Shawty Mane, Justin Bieber's rapping alter ego, in a song called "Ladies Love Me."

Obviously you don't need me opining on the qualities of the actual product (me ducks to avoid haterade from Bieliebers), so I'll just give you five things you didn't know about Chris Brown's latest opus.
1. "Ladies Love Me" features Justin Bieber's his rapper alter ego Shawty Mane, who hasn't recorded anything except a YouTube vid of himself  freestyling over Cam'Ron and Vado's song "Speaking in Tungs."

2. How is his flow? Pretty smooth. The lyrics? Maybe not as sophisticated as we'd like. ("Baby I'm your doctor / I could be your rocker," "I am incredible / This is inedible.") But still. Smooth. Plus, he calls out his swag: "Baby, I'm not crazy I got swag like Patrick Swayze / No, them haters never phase me / That's how my mama raised me," he says.

3. This seems to be the first officially recorded Bieber rap verse (other than the aforementioned freestyle); he's rapped Busta Rhymes's part on a live rendition of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now," however.

4. "Ladies Love Me" is based off the "Ladies love me / I'm on my Cool J" hook from Brown's "Look at Me Now." Brown and Bieber trade verses over a David Banner beat.

5. Smart Chris Brown move: picking Justin Bieber to collaborate with, so as to make him look like a rapping gangsta instead of the R&B crooner that he is. Not smart Chris Brown move: bragging about double-parking in his Bugatti. Really? After all this?

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