Did a Call From Slidebar Lead to Kelly Thomas' Brutal Beating?

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OC Weekly's clubs editor Brandon Ferguson today answers the biggest mystery of the Kelly Thomas death: Who placed the phone call that led to six police officers beating the homeless man to death?

For weeks rumors have been floating around that the phone call came from Slidebar, co-owned by Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff.

Today, Brandon's post on Navel Gazing reveals that various sources link Slidebar to the call that led to Thomas's death.
We haven't heard back from Slidebar (or its owners), but Lit has suffered a few tragedies of their own; their drummer died of brain cancer in 2009. A few months ago, they announced that they're planning to release a new album by the end of 2011, seven years after their latest set. They've gone back to the studio with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, The Replacements, Maroon 5).  

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It's not just a rumor.  From the very beginning, everyone suspected that a local business was "coached" by the police into calling with a false report, so that they would have an excuse to go there to "remove" Kelly Thomas.  The Slidebar is known for being a cop hangout.  That's not a coincidence.  And inside information is that Jeremy Popoff is the one who called a false report about someone "breaking into cars."  He called the Fullerton Police Department non-emergency number, from a back office at the Slidebar.  He called the non-emergency dispatch number, so there wouldn't be a 911 recording.  He was most likely told how to do all this by the police...probably one of the cops who was a regular patron at the bar. 

Again, this is NOT just a rumor.  The FBI is already looking into this, and I believe they will have a search warrant for outgoing calls from the Slidebar very soon, if they haven't already.

At the very least, Jeremy Popoff made a false police report.  And if everything turns out to be true, about how he conspired to make the false police to have Kelly Thomas "removed" knowing full well what might happen to him...then he is also indirectly responsible for Kelly's death.     


calling for help doesnt mean they are responsible for anything that happened that night. If a scary dude was chilling in the parking lot creeping around I'd call the cops too. No one asked for this to happen or recomended the amount of force. the police acted on there own and that is it. people love to point the finger. its a horrible tragedy and never should have happened but placing the call doesnt make them responsible.

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