Xzibit Says Planking is Racist

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Sure planking (especially by celebrities) is a really stupid craze, but racist? That's what rapper/actor Xzibit says.

Yesterday, after he said, "Planking is the dumbest shit ever," he tweeted, "Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, it's not funny. Educate yourselves."

He also added, "Don't get it twisted. I care less where your dumb asses lay face down and take pictures of the shit, I'm just telling you where it came from."

Actually, it's a variation of the Lying Down Game: "also known as planking in Australia, is a mass-participatory meme that involves having one's photograph taken whilst lying rigidly face down in public space and then sharing the image via internet. Since becoming popular through Facebook around June 2009, the viral game has spawned thousands of photos of people lying flat in public landscapes across the world."

Still, Camilo Smith at TheGrio.com says the racist idea of planking comes from the connection to how slaves were transported. In the book, Upon these Shores: Themes in the African-American Experience, 1600 to the Present, it says:
Some ships had tiny bunks, really nothing more than shelves, on which slaves could recline; in others, the slaves lay side by side on the planking, rolling with the ship, bodies virtually touching, for weeks on end.

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Bill T.
Bill T.

So because the root word in each case is "plank" then they're the same ... Just because it's stupid and you don't like it doesn't mean it's intended to personally demean you. Oh, but I forgot, it's all about you, isn't it?


Damn, that card must be tattered as hell by now...by that logic, sailing a boat is racist, cause you know, slaves were brought over on boats...wearing cotton clothing is racist, because lots of cotton picked throughout America's history was picked by black slaves. Give that shit a rest already, calling everything racist...it's an empty way to live life

Steven Tate88
Steven Tate88

even if it needs a rest, who are you to judge?

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