Three of Nintendo's Awesome Japanese Services That We Will Never See

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Recently available to Nintendo 3DS owners--of Japan and Europe, for now--is the Nintendo Video service. The service is expected to release "Nintendo-approved" 2D and 3D content to the 3DS with cartoons, comedy clips, and even music videos. Working alongside another application known as SpotPass TV, the 3DS will automatically download new programs and shows whenever a user is within range of a WiFi access point.

This video update also introduces Netflix to the 3DS. If a user has a subscription to Netflix's instant streaming service, 3DS owners can download the Netflix app and stream movies right onto the portable device. It's uncertain at the moment whether or not 3DS-compatible 3D movies will ever be made available for the handheld. Nintendo Video is currently available in Europe and Japan, and will be available for the US later this summer.

It's great that Nintendo is finally going all out and supporting a full-scale video service. However, they haven't always had the best track record when it comes to releasing certain applications outside of Japan. The following are a few services that Nintendo released in Japan that may never see the light of day anywhere else.

Nintendo TV Guide Channel (Nintendo Wii)

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Japan received a hefty-sized downloadable TV Guide-like Wii channel with some pretty creative features. The cool thing about this service is that the Wii Remote somehow syncs up with the TV and acts as a TV remote controller. The ability to use your Wii Remote as a TV Remote is a great feature in itself, but you are also able to share your TV bookmarks and such with others online. Unfortunately, considering the how different TV services are in Japan, a feature such as this will never see the light of day in the US.

"Wii No Ma Channel" Video Service (Nintendo Wii)

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The "Wii no Ma" Channel, or simply Wiinoma Channel, on the Wii is a video-on-demand service on the Wii that is run by Nintendo and Japanese advertising company Dentsu. This service is Nintendo's attempt at making the Wii the "centerpiece of the living room," and offers programs produced exclusively for Nintendo. Shows are typically family-oriented and include programs such as cartoons, brain training quizzes (what's with Nintendo and the brain training?), cooking shows, educational shows, and more. Once in a while, a celebrity Mii will even make a guest appearance to introduce some shows!

"Dokodemo Wii no Ma" (Nintendo DSi)
Wii no Ma DSi.jpg
Transfer videos of animals in the wild to your DSi!
Translating to "Anywhere Wii no Ma," this application is like the aforementioned Wii No Ma channel...except you can take it anywhere. Programs and movies can be transferred onto the DSi from the Wii, so owners of the handheld are able to watch their shows on the go.

Another very practical feature of this application is the ability to have coupons transferred onto the DSi, where people can have it scanned directly off the screen at the store.

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