Mac Miller's Twitter Exchange with Donald Trump Gets Him Nothing, But What Did He Expect?

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Mac Miller, an up-and-coming rap artist from Pittsburgh, named the first single off his album Best Day Ever after the floppy-haired business mogul Donald Trump. Naturally, he was disappointed with the Twitter exchange that ensued. On Tuesday, Trump wrote, "@macmiller 'Donald Trump the Song' gets 16M hits on YouTube. Who wouldn't be flattered?"

An excited Miller responded with, "YOOOOOOO! DONALD TRUMP REALLY JUST TWEETED ME!!! THAT IS ILL," asking for "an extravagant night of fine dining and penthouse parties with models" in exchange for the free advertisement.

Apparently naming your song after a famous CEO and repeatedly referring to him in the lyrics, "take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump shit, look at all this money, ain't that some shit," won't get you anything in return. Trump ignored the tweet but continued commenting on the debt ceiling debates and President Obama's foreign policy.

Sorry, Miller, but when your network show gets millions of views every week on primetime television, you probably don't need any more promo help.

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