Lexi St. George, Ark Music Factory's Latest Protege, Is Not That Bad

"Dancing to the Rhythm (With Me)" is a song by Lexi St. George. It was produced by Patrice Wilson, CEO of Ark Music Factory, the same company that put together Rebecca Black's "Friday" on the Internet.

This morning, Lexi St. George performed on Good Morning America as the culmination of the  "One Week to Hit it Big" segment, which documented Lexi's pop star boot camp experience with Ark. You know what? The song isn't bad, and we doubt people are going to hate it as much as they did "Friday." Will it go viral like "Friday" did? There's only 26,000-plus page views so far...so we'll see. Watch it after the jump.

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This is not good at all.  You are right that it's not as bad as Friday.  That's the reason this won't go as viral.  Friday was viral because it was so, so horrible.  This is just another forgettable song and video.

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