C'mon, No Doubt. We Can't Even Have a New Album Teaser? (Plus, a Collab with Major Lazer!)

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Ahh, No Doubt's new album. While we have a bunch of song titles from various Twitter posts  and Rolling Stone/Entertainment Weekly articles, we haven't heard anything from the new album. We did hear that daggering proponents Major Lazer (made up of Diplo/Switch) were collaborating with the guys yesterday, cutting drum tracks with Adrian Young last night--via Twitter, of course! After the jump: more pics, and a list of song titles that we've gleaned from Facebook posts.
Gwen singing a song called "Sparkle"
So far, we know there's nine songs finished; there's this list of 10 songs we know they've been working on:
1. "Sparkle"
2. "Push & Shove"
3. "Undercover"
4."One More Summer"
5."Settle Down"
6. "Gravity"
7. "Twatter" [Oops, apparently this was a joke!]
7. "Dreaming the Same Dream"
8. "Heaven"
9. "Easy"

Dear No Doubt,
We can't wait! Hurry up and finish it already, please! (Or at least give us a little listen!)

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