Weird Al's Lady Gaga Parody: 'Perform This Way' [VIDEO]

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Remember all the hoopla over Lady Gaga refusing to let Weird Al Yankovic spoof her song "Born This Way"? Well, that's over, since Weird Al just released a snippet of his parody video, "Perform This Way."

In it, Yankovic superimposed his head on a woman's body, wearing a meat dress and porcupine hat. When the news went viral, the story was that Yankovic submitted the lyrics to Lady Gaga's camp, which denied the parody. "This was mystifying to me," Yankovic said on his site. "The parody is basically her music ... with my lyrics. It really shouldn't be that hard to decide."

Gaga later said being parodied by Weird Al was a "rite of passage" for pop stars; the result is the video you can watch after the jump.

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Weird Al" should definitely be inducted. He brought comedy-pop (or what ever you want to call it) to mainstream light, not to mention that the wit he shows in all his songs, parody or original, is undeniable.

Kevin Corcoran Jr
Kevin Corcoran Jr

so so so stoked on this cd! it's seriously gonna be hilarious... and i love that it has replay value cause the musical arrangements are still really good. A lot of parodies around you can only listen to once cause then it's not funny or whatever.. but at least you can keep playing weird al!

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