Top 5 Musicians Vs. Projectiles Incidents

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Down and Delirious In Mexico City author Daniel Hernandez wrote in his Intersections blog about a recent onstage confrontation between banda queen Jenni Rivera and a fan who allegedly threw a beer at her. The singer had the suspected offender come face-to-face with her during the Puerto Vallarta concert. What ensued was worthy of a Jose Luis Sin Censura showdown, as Rivera poured beer over the woman's head before security stepped in to pull her offstage. Topping it off, the Long Beach-raised crossover sensation talked a little masa after the incident, throwing in a joke about head lice after asking for respect from the crowd.

This recent edition of musicians vs. projectiles starts off a list of the five best such showdowns:

1. Jenni Rivera vs. Beer-Throwing Fan

2. Marilyn Manson's Water-Bottle Duel

In this excerpt from the rocker's "Guns, God and Government" world-tour DVD, Manson invites a fan who threw a bottle at him to an onstage duel on the count of three. There's no eye-to-eye stare-down like with Rivera, but Manson won the chucking contest from the opposite side of the stage and talked shit all along the way.

3. Morrissey Quits After Being Dinged

Two songs into his set, Morrissey was dinged by a bottle lobbed with perfect aim. Instead of bringing the offender onstage, the melancholy crooner murmured, "Goodbye"--and meant it. Fans waited in vain for Morrissey to reemerge.

4. Nickelback vs. Portuguese Rock Throwers

Like Morrissey before them, Nickelback quit two songs into a performance in Portugal. They were having rocks thrown at them before lead singer Chad Kroeger halted a song and took to the mic to ask, "Do you guys want to hear some rock & roll or go home?" One fan chose rocks, hitting Kroeger upside his head, to which he replied, "See ya."

5. Justin Bieber Continues On

Justin Bieber was performing a gig in Sacramento when he stopped to profess his love for the fans. Someone in the crowd took the opportunity to lob what was initially said to be a water bottle but, upon review, appeared to be a rolled-up T-shirt that smacked him across his famous hair. To Bieber's credit, he took it all in stride and didn't cancel the show.

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For those of us not in the know, what happened with Bowie?

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

There's no YouTube video of it that I found save for a photo montage.

And if anyone brings up the Henry Rollins fight, the guy in the crowd was trying to snatch the mic away. No projectiles there. 

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

As Sucker in the Eye's internet handle alludes to, Bowie got popped by a lollipop. YouTube search it and you'll get the audio with some scrolling photos.

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