Odd Future Tour Dates (Plus: MellowHype's New Video for '64')

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Here's your chance to catch the cresting wave for the Odd Future hype machine--the trash-rap collective is playing three Southern California dates before they go around the world. They'll be in Indio at the Indio Performing Arts Center tomorrow, in San Diego on June 16 at Epicenter and the House of Blues in LA on Saturday, June 18.

In other Odd Future news, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain--who make up MellowHype--also just released their video for "64," the first single off their Blackenedwhite LP, out next month. Yes, it's the same album that was released on their Tumblr last year, but it's being re-released by Fat Possum Records without the song "Chordaroy" (because the label does not have permission to use Earl Sweatshirt's vocals). The songs "Hell", "Loco", "Stripclub", "Gram" and "Based" also will be missing from the re-release. It's also the last Odd Future release to be released outside the Odd Future Records imprint which is being launched this summer.
Here's the video, filmed at the abandoned Linda Vista hospital in LA.

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Raab Himself
Raab Himself

Lilledeshan Bose sounds a little hostile towards these kids with the cresting wave and trash-rap comments.  Why don't you tell us how you really feel girl instead of dropping little subliminals?

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