Lupe Fiasco: Barack Obama's a Terrorist

Well, I guess we know who's not being invited to the White House anytime soon. When asked about the political content in his music, rapper Lupe Fiasco told CBS' Shira Lazar, "My fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America." The rapper appeared on the news segment What's Trending, which interviews movers and shakers of social media. Lupe Fiasco currently boasts more than 600,000 followers on Twitter, a platform he often uses to advocate social causes and rally his fans.

"I don't vote. No, I don't vote. I don't get involved in politics. It's meaningless. To be honest," he said. "If I'm going to say I stand behind this person and write on a piece of paper that says, 'Yeah I stand for this person,' then I have to take responsibility for everything he does cause that's just who I am as a human being."

Responses from his followers have ranged from bemusement to support. Many of Lupe's fans are familiar with his anti-establishment beliefs, by way of his lyrics and public comments.

Visit CBS News to watch the full interview and Lupe's Twitter feed to see reactions.

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Angel Skyy
Angel Skyy

Lupe said that America's foreign policies create Terrorist, and so since Obama is America's Leader in this way he is A "Terrorist" or "Terrorist Creator". I personally feel that it is so great to live in a country like this where everybody is FREE to have their own opinions and I also wonder why when white racist people where calling Obama the devil and everything else derogatory no one seemed to care during the last election? He even had to produce his birth certificate to prove his citizenship not even 2 months ago, but because Lupe has an opinion and a brain to think on his own and isn't somewhere selling crack and being a typical black male stereotype then now everyone has a problem with him. I say that White America has been waiting for a chance to pounce on Lupe because he is a free thinker and we all know what happens to freethinkers trying to shake things up in America the FREE the beautiful you end up Locked up or Six feet under. It's about time somebody had the BALLS to tell the truth. GOD IS HAPPY!!!!! And when GOD is who you serve you could care less what others think!! GO LUPE !!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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