Jack White and Karen Elson to Divorce, Throwing a Party to Celebrate

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Ten days after their sixth anniversary, former White Stripes singer Jack White and his wife Karen Elson have announced that they are getting divorced, and they're marking the occasion by throwing a party tonight in Nashville.

The party will celebrate their marriage and upcoming divorce with "a positive swing bang hum dinger" with dancing, photos, memories and "drinks with alcohol in them." Only close friends and family allowed--"no plus ones or dead beats." The couple's publicist sent us a flier with the address blurred. (Bummer.)

The couple have two kids together, Scarlett (5) and Henry Lee (3). The statement about their split says: "We remain dear and trusted friends and co-parents to our wonderful children Scarlett and Henry Lee. We feel so fortunate for the time we have shared and the time we will continue to spend both separately and together watching our children grow."

White and Elson married on June 1, 2005, in a ceremony overseen by a shaman in Manaus, Brazil.

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