Free Ticket Tuesday: Sander Kleinenberg at Sutra This Thursday


Catch Dutch producer Sander Kleinenberg at Sutra on Thursday, where he stops to promote his debut 5K, out today on his label This Is Recordings. His songs (called "the next level of electronic music") are described as "elegant," "entrancing," "energetic," with "airy dreamscape" thrown in there somewhere, and the album includes collaborations with Kraak & Smaak and Jon Fugler.

Kleinenberg, who has remixed Justin Timberlake, N.E.R.D., Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Daft Punk and Tron, said, "5K is a mix of sounds, ideas, and directions that have inspired me throughout my life. It's a collage of AUDIO-biographical flavors." 

If you come to his Sutra, you'll see his patented DVJ show, which pairs live DJing with visuals and music.

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the commenter who gives us the best reason they want to go to Kleinenberg's show.

Check out "Remember When" feat. Jamie Cullum:

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robyn w.
robyn w.

The last time I saw Sander, I was on a boat with an open bar and was barely coherent enough to make it through his first set. Although, I was pretty much obliterated, I can honestly say that was one of the most memorable sets I've ever been to, even though I spent the rest of the night over a toilet bowl. Sander's music has a way of making you feel like you're a good friend at one of his house parties. Always good vibes and always a good time. So, Sutra on Thursday? YES PLEASE! I

J.R. Gutierrez
J.R. Gutierrez

I'd like to see Sander because I was at his Yacht Party in Miami during Miami Music Week, and loved how him and his entourage were in bunny costumes while he was dropping massive funky house bombs! Would love to see him again because I know he's going to do something as wacky and awesome at Sutra.

Alina N King
Alina N King

Why would I want to see Kleinberg? His music pumps it up and I can't stop dancing! Me and my other half will tear the place down! We last saw him at Avalon on his last tour and came out tired from dancing! Sick tunes! We have a feeling his gonna do something big and bad down at Sutra. 


Gustavo Castillo
Gustavo Castillo

My name is Gustavo and I would like a chance to attend sanders show because I enjoy his style of music and hard work he puts in. Another reason is am a good believer in making our music and electronic scene spread. More and progress!

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