Dexter Holland's Gringo Bandito Sets Taco Challenge--with Kobayashi

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Dexter Holland's hot sauce brand Gringo Bandito teamed up with competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi for the Kobayashi Presents the Gringo Bandito Taco Challenge, taking place Aug. 3 at Fred's Mexican Café in downtown Huntington Beach.

Kobayashi and other renowned eating competitors will stuff their faces with as many tacos as they can in 10 minutes. The winner will receive a $5,000 grand prize.

Amateur competitive eaters can compete too; check out for details.

What does the Offspring frontman and Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce founder have to say about this? "I thought Kobayashi was cool even before he got arrested."

(If you remember, six-time winner of Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest Kobayashi couldn't participate last year, but was "compelled to climb on stage" by the crowd cheering him on. He was arrested; charges were later dropped but Nathan's removed his name from their record sign in 2011.)

The Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Taco Challenge will be Kobayashi's first competitive eating contest in the U.S. since this incident. It will also be his first West Coast contest.

In a statement, Holland said, "Kobayashi and I share the same dream of building a better world by eating lots of tacos."

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