Top Five Manny Pacquiao Songs #Winning

Here's one thing you have to remember about Manny Pacquiao: he's a lover, not (just) a fighter. A lover of singing, that is.

The pound-for-pound, best boxer in the world is so confident of a victory against Sugar Shane Mosley tomorrow at the Mandalay Bay Hotel that he already has a post-fight celebration planned. According to TMZ, Pacquiao's going to sing with a live band. (The odds are so much in his favor that a $25,000 bet against opponent Sugar Shane Mosley this weekend will pay only $3,125 if he wins.)
Still, there's nothing wrong with trying to secure an alternate career as a singer--even though he's already a Philippine congressman, every world boxing champion needs a fallback. (Just ask Mike Tyson.)

After the jump, check out the five songs that would be certified Pacquiao hits--on the radio.

1. "Imagine" with Will Ferrell This is how you know Manny realizes there's life after boxing, and that he's an all-around good guy. He doesn't want to knock out Mosley, he wants a world in peace!

2. Manny Pacquiao sings songs in his native dialect Here, Pacquiao proves that he can do everything--even play guitar! You may not understand what he's saying, but you can feel the emotion in those guitar riffs.

3. La Bamba! He can sing in English, Tagalog, Visaya, and Spanish. Yessssss.

4. Lahing Pinoy Pacquiao brings pride to every Filipino in the world; his rendition of this patriotic song underscores that pride.  

5. "Sometimes When We Touch" Here's Pacquiao singing "Sometimes When We Touch," his all-time favorite love song. It has a different meaning for Pacquiao's opponents--when he touches you, you have to close your eyes and cry in pain.  

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