Princess Beatrice's WTF Royal Wedding Hat Up For Auction

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Now you can have your very own hat that looks vaguely like a uterus and fallopian tubes. 

People reports that Princess Beatrice is putting up the fascinator she wore to the Royal Wedding on eBay with the proceeds going to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.   

Come on, place a bid. You know you want it. Everyone is wearing them.  

Princess Beatrice's Hat Facebook Page
The topper was made by renowned London milliner Philip Treacy, whose creations can cost around $3,000.

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Tim Gaul
Tim Gaul

It also reminds me of a miniature toilet seat  with the lid up.....and perhaps festooned  with finest quality lavatory tissue?   Oh, Dear!!!

Tim Gaul
Tim Gaul

What? No comments?  If the Pope is really the Devil, Obama is a Kenyan Muslim and Hitler was actually a very nice guy, then surely someone must have something bad to say about this God-awful hat!!!, 

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