Osama Bin Laden Was Just Another Lonely Dude With a Penchant for Porn: 10 (Possible) Titles From His Collection


​After all these years of searching, a team of U.S. Navy Seals located and eliminated Osama Bin Laden. Finally, numero uno on the FBI's Most Wanted list was given the long-awaited "deceased" credit. We can move on to other threatening targets.

But where was Bin Laden and how did he manage to keep such a low profile for almost 10 full  years? What'd he do to pass the time? We know now. As it turns out, he was afflicted with the same fetish shared by lonely, guarded males throughout the world: He was addicted to porn.

With that, we present the 10 best Twitter-generated porn titles (#OsamaPorn) believed to be among Bin Laden's collection or just inspired by America's least-favorite enemy.

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