Hard Rock Cafe Ad Illustrates Eric Clapton's Descent Into Alcoholism and his Son's Death

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Hard Rock Cafe Argentina's new ad campaign called "There's a Story Behind Every Song," including songs by The Beatles, Eric Clapton and Bob Marley. For the most part, it's a beautiful campaign that tells the history behind some of the greatest songs ever in nuanced, delicate drawings without words.

Developed by Y&R Argentina with artwork by Damian Garofalo and Hugo Orita, Bob Marley's and the Beatles' ads are pretty, but not really surprising. Check out the big Beatles version here and Bob Marley's here. Eric Clapton's? That's another story.

It illustrates Clapton's descent into alcoholism and the death of his son...who fell out a window. And yes, there are drawings of Clapton looking out a window. Um, really? You couldn't have illustrated "Layla"? (On second thought that could've been kind of pornographic.)

Click the photo to see the larger image.
By the way, reader Tre Baker says the Marley one (see it here) isn't that commendable either: "Nothing like the cartoony representation of slavery to promote a chain restaurant franchise."

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