[EXCLUSIVE PICS] Justin Bieber Was at La Cave Last Night. IT'S TRUE!

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La Cave
Yes, it's true!!! Justin Bieber was at La Cave last night. With Selena Gomez. How did that happen, you ask? Singer/songwriter Ernie Halter was performing at the Costa Mesa spot last night. Justin Bieber had covered Halter's song "Come Home to Me" before, so he drove down to La Cave from L.A. to surprise Halter. Bieber joined Halter for that song on stage, saying, "I'm really glad to be sharing the stage with Ernie," singing some verses while Halter played acoustic guitar.

Here's the big question: How did 17-year-old Justin Bieber get in the normally NOT all ages La Cave? Server Leilani Huebner, who waited on the Bieb and Gomez, replied, "As long as we're still serving food, people can be in here. And we were serving food 'til really late last night. It's only 21 and over after hours, when we're only serving drinks."

La Cave

Huebner explained that they'd gotten word earlier in the day that they'd have a VIP guest and  were going to have to close later than usual. The Bieb had "no bodyguards, it was just him and Selena Gomez who drove from L.A.; I guess they didn't realize how far away it was!"

For the 75 to 100 people at La Cave last night, it was "a real treat," Huebner said. "It was crazy. But it was pretty cool because people didn't overwhelm him; people didn't know he was here. Plus, he was really cool to everyone."

Of course, Halter had to tweet about it: "I'm speechless. @justinbieber and @selenagomez came to see me play tonight and Justin sat in. All I can say is wow."

Also: "@selenagomez you and Justin are so sweet. Pleasure meeting you both. I saw you singing along to my songs. Made my night that much better."

La Cave

Not to be outdone, Bieber tweeted about it, too: "@erniehalter thanks for the night. Glad we could surprise u. U r the real deal. Congrats to u and the wife. And ... @erniehalter Never Say Never aint no BS. Haha. Thanks again."


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