The Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe: Beyond Prank Calls and Egging Houses

While his friends egged houses and made prank calls in high school, Evan Cassidy was the kid who recorded parody songs and used his family's camcorder to shoot his own comedy skits.

These days, as the founder and principal actor of the Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe, Cassidy admits that little has changed.

"I've been writing joke songs pretty much my entire life," Cassidy said. "I put out hip hop cassettes and sold them to other kids in high school. I'm doing basically the same thing I've always been doing, but now I have a fancier camera."

We watched all the Dudely Jones videos and think Cassidy is on to something. Fans of the Lonely Island are sure to enjoy Dudely Jones, but we also suspect that Monty Python enthusiasts will appreciate Cassidy's derailed and absurdist efforts.

Cassidy's ambition is to produce a regular web series with new skits, musical and otherwise, every episode. To do that, he's going to need financing, and has set up a Kickstarter page to make it happen.

You can visit the Dudely Jones Kickstarter page here and can watch more of their videos at their website, located here.

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Steve Vaz
Steve Vaz

Another hidden plea for $ from the wasteland of Costco culture. And I thought I was reading a comedy blog.

Some Guy
Some Guy

I wish we had more like this guy in Chicago.  I'm tired of young "comedians" talking about 1. living with their moms 2.  their love of porn and jerking off and 3. smoking pot.  Also, I appreciate the production values.  Well done guys.  Keep it up.

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